The “Startup Visa” Program


Business Startup Program for Foreign Entrepreneurs - Niigata City National Strategic Special Zone

Deregulation of the “Business Manager” visa requirement for foreign nationals wishing to start a business in Niigata City (period of residence is 6 months)

As one of the National Strategic Special Zone Initiatives, Niigata City has been approved to implement the Startup Visas (Business Startup Program for Foreign Entrepreneurs) to increase foreign entrepreneurs in Niigata City.

Foreign nationals wishing to start a business in Japan need to obtain the “Business Manager” status of residence. To receive this status of residence, at the time of filing an application to the Immigration Bureau foreign entrepreneurs are required to open a business office and either employ two or more full-time employees or have at least 5 million yen as business capital.

The “Startup Visa” program permits foreign entrepreneurs to receive a six-month “Business Manager” visa even if such requirements are not fulfilled.

The applicants must submit all of the Application Documents to Niigata City.

After evaluating the business plan, Niigata City confirms that the applicant is expected to fulfill the requirements by the end of the 6 months, and then, the Immigration Bureau will evaluate the applicant based on Niigata City’s confirmation.

Eligible Persons

Foreign nationals wishing to start business in Niigata City

Eligible Businesses

Businesses with the potential to strengthen the global competitiveness of industries in Niigata City or expand employment opportunities in the city

Application documents

1. Application for Confirmation of Business Startup Activities
2. Plan for Business Startup Activities
3. Time Schedule of Business Startup Activities
4. Resume of the applicant
5. Written Pledge
6. Documents clarifying where the applicant will be residing for 6 months after arrival in Japan
7. Documents detailing the applicant's bank account balance(s)
8. A copy of the applicant's passport (the page showing the identification details)
9. Other necessary documents

Applying for the “Startup Visa”

(1) To apply for the confirmation of business startup activities, the applicants must prepare and submit all of the application documents to Niigata City.

(2) Niigata City will confirm the contents of the application documents to determine whether the business plan details are viable and the applicant is can be expected to fulfill the requirements for the Business Manager status of residence within 6 months.

(3) When the confirmation of business startup activities is granted, the “Certificate of Confirmation of Business Startup Activities” will be issued by Niigata City to the applicant. The “Certificate of Confirmation of Business Startup Activities” means that Niigata City has assessed that the applicant, based on the business plan described in his/her plan for Business Startup Activities, can be expected to receive the ordinary status of residence (Business Manager) after a six-month period of stay.

(4) Those who have received the “Certificate of Confirmation of Business Startup Activities” must apply to the Immigration Bureau for the Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (Business Manager). Please contact the Immigration Bureau for application procedures.

Application Form ※Please apply using the Japanese application form.


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