Citizens' Charter

Our city of Niigata lies at the point where the brimming waters of the Shinano and Agano
Rivers pour into the Sea of Japan. In the evening,the sunset over the sea is a beautiful sight.
As a port city, Niigata has been looking outward in its development and has welcomed
overseas influence. Now, more prosperous than ever, the city is like a tree growing on
the riverbank, always putting out new shoots. The free, thriving city we know today,
is the result of the hard work and determination over the years by Niigata's citizens.
It is up to us to take another firm step towards creating a city in which we would like
to live.

A well stocked sea and fields with rich harvests.
Niigata-a city where nature lives and breathes.

The pleasure not only of work, but of rest and recreation.
Niigata-a dynamic, yet relaxed city.

Good health-both physical and spiritual-is something we all want.
Niigata-a city where we help each other to live.

A lively, sympathetic mind makes life fuller and richer.
Niigata-a city which brings out the potential in each of its citizens.

By making friends with the countries across the sea,
we will become a bridge toward world peace.