About the Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19(接種証明書(せっしゅしょうめいしょ))


About Documents that Verify COVID-19 Vaccination

Documents that verify vaccination against COVID-19 (Certificate of Vaccination (接種済証) and Vaccination Certificate (接種証明書)).

  1. People who get vaccinated are issued a Certificate of Vaccination (接種済証) at the time of vaccination with stickers placed on the right side of their vaccine coupon.This can be used as proof of vaccination throughout Japan.
  2. People who will go abroad can be issued a Vaccination Certificate (接種証明書).Vaccination Certificates (接種証明書) are issued for the purpose of going abroad.Starting from December 20, 2021, Vaccination Certificates (for domestic or international use) can be issued using a smartphone app. You can still apply for a certificate by mail.
  • Certificate of Vaccination (接種済証) is your vaccination coupon with the stickers placed. They can be used domestically as proof of vaccination. People going to another country can get a Vaccination Certificate (接種証明書).

1. Certificate of Vaccination (接種済証(せっしゅずみしょう))

This is the record you receive when you are vaccinated.

  • It is on the right side of your vaccine coupon with stickers that include information about the date, place, and kind of vaccine you received. Please keep this certificate in a safe place.If it is lost of damaged please apply to have a Vaccination Certificate(接種証明書)(2) issued instead.

2. Vaccination Certificate (接種証明書(せっしゅしょうめいしょ))

This is a document to certify that you have been vaccinated. There are two types, one for domestic, and one for international use.

  • The Vaccination Certificate for international use is issued with the aim to relax quarantine and other restrictions to people with plans to go abroad. It can be issued to anyone who was a registered resident of Niigata City at the time of their vaccination and has plans to go overseas.
  • You can have one issued by using the smartphone app, applying by mail, or going to your ward office.

3. Record of Vaccination (接種(せっしゅ)記録書(きろくしょ)

This verification document is issued to medical workers or nursing home staff who are vaccinated using a Prevaccination Screening Questionnaire (予診票) with a vaccine coupon attached or people who get the vaccine because of their place of work before their vaccine coupon arrives.

  • The Record of Vaccination is a certificate that can be used in place of the Certificate of Vaccination so be sure to keep it in a safe place.
  • If you have questions about the Record of Vaccination, please contact the medical institution where you got vaccinated. If it is lost or damaged, please apply to have a Vaccination Certificate (接種証明書)(2) issued instead.

What is the Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19?

It is a document to certify that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • There are two types: one for domestic use and one for going abroad.
  • Note: Only people who were vaccinated against COVID-19 in Japan can apply for the certificate.

How to get a certificate

(1) (Electronic Version) Certificates can be issued using the smart phone application

On the Vaccination Certificate issued via the app, a 2D code will appear that has information such as the individual’s name, birthdate, and record of vaccination.

  • A My Number Card is required to use this service. A My Number notification card will not work.
  • Enter the 4-digit password for the My Number Card.

※You will be locked out if you input the wrong password too many times. To regain access, you must go to the Citizen Service’s Division (区民生活課) at your ward office.

  • Download the smartphone app here (link)

※If the record of vaccination shown on the app is incorrect, bring your Vaccination Certificate (or Record of Vaccination) or mail a copy of your Vaccination Certificate (or Record of Vaccination) to the office in charge of COVID vaccination (listed below). If mailing in a copy, please note what information needs to be corrected and include your phone number. If you have lost your Vaccination Certificate or Record of Vaccination, please contact the call center.

(2) (Paper Version) Apply by mail or in person

Only those who were a registered resident of Niigata City at the time of vaccination can get a paper copy issued.

How do I apply? [Application by mail]

Send us the necessary documents by mail.
Afterwards, we will then send you the certificate by mail.
The certificate is provided at no cost to you. It’s free of charge.

Our address

Postal Code: 950-0914
3-3-11 Shichikuyama, Chuo Ward, Niigata City
Attn: Office in charge of COVID Vaccination
Niigata City Public Health and Sanitation Center

How do I apply?[Application in-person]

Bring the necessary documents to your ward office’s Public Health and Welfare Division Health Improvement Section.
Vaccination Certificates (接種証明書) can be issued same-day.
However, if the record cannot be verified or if any information is incorrect, more time may be needed to issue a certificate.

What are the necessary documents?

Everyone must provide documents 1) through 3).

1) Application form

Download it from the Niigata City website and print it out.
If you are not able to download or print it out, call or email the call center to have an application form mailed to you.

2) A copy of an identity confirming document that has your address and name on it.

A document that has the name and address written on 3) the return envelope.

  • ★For people going abroad: A copy of your passport. (Make a copy of the page that shows your name and passport number.)
  • Examples: Passport,Residence card, My Number card, driver license, long-term care insurance card, health insurance card, special permanent resident certificate5)

3)A return envelope

The Niigata City Public Health and Sanitation Center will send you the certificate using this envelope.
Write your address and name on the front of the envelope and attach an 84 yen stamp.

4) If you have a legal alias or former or other surname: A copy of a document that confirms that name

5) A letter of proxy (委任状(いにんじょう))

If you cannot apply for yourself, you can have another person (a proxy) apply for you.
In order to have another person apply on your behalf, you need to write a letter of proxy.
Download it from the Niigata City website and print it out.

When will the certificate arrive?

It will take about 2 weeks after your application arrives to the Niigata City Public Health and Sanitation Center.
If you did not provide enough of the necessary documents or we cannot confirm that you got vaccinated, it will take longer.

Certificates do not expire

Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety website for information on countries and regions where Vaccine Certificates can be used going abroad.

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